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"It was mid-November 2016. As I began my daily commute back to Richmond, I grabbed a copy of the Evening Standard to entertain me en route. Whilst I sat flicking through the pages, I stumbled across an article by the ES Small Business Agony Aunt, Jo Malone MBE titled:

'Here's why Christmas will be a washout if it hasn't happened by July.'

It caught my eye, as my events agency Diamond Creative had organised 'Christmas in July' press events for various brands and PR agencies. Almost every major brand and retailer launch their products in the summer, vying for top tier journalists to attend their event.

Having seen first hand the challenges of declining journalist attendance, I had a vision, where all brands and retailers would launch their Christmas products collectively to maximise their most profitable time of year - saving budget and resource whilst increasing exposure to national press. The event would focus on putting journalists first, minimising their time out of the office and maximising the brands and retailers they could visit under one roof, across all gift categories.

Brands & Retailers sit next to each other on the high street to maximise their footfall and sales, so why should a press launch be any different? I was so excited about being able to help my existing clients and new. I took the idea to the team and we did extensive research with journalists, PRs, and brands and launched the inaugural Festival a few months later.

Our mission today remains the same, to create innovative solutions for the changing retail and media landscape, through offering unrivalled value to all brands, retailers, PR agencies, journalists & influencers."


We understand that Christmas, gifting and hosting events have traditionally resulted in a large amount of material waste. However, through a number of initiatives, we are striving to operate in a more conscientious and sustainable way to minimise our impact on the environment.

We are delighted to announce the Festival has a new home and we are extremely excited to be working with the Business Design Centre. The BDC have been operating as certified Carbon Neutral venue for over 10 years, the first venue of its kind in the UK to do so. Further to this they employ 0% to landfill policy. Collaborating with this ethical and environmentally conscious organisation is just one way we are future-proofing our business.

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